Hear the THUNDER

This is a 60 second clip of the car running at Bragg-Smith's Road course. It is highly compressed, and should only take about 15 seconds to download at modem speeds.

Here is a map of the track.

Most of this takes place in second gear. At first you hear the car accel down the back straight and manuever around turns 1A and 2A. Then, accel uphill from second gear to third starting about 40mph to 120mph, the shift to 3rd right at 100 mph as the car passes the microphone. This jump to 100mph from 40mph uphill takes only 4 seconds!

Downshift to second entering turn 3. Accel until chicane, brake for turn 4. Uphill accel out of 4 to turns 5A and 5B, slow way down at 5B (recording gets very quiet). Lastly accel out of 5B toward 6, end of recording.

Keep in mind this is all done on a rather poor 3.07 rear end!

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